Athens-Clarke County Voting Districts

Find your districts for local and statewide elections. Enter your address into the search box on the left and your districts will be displayed for you.

Your Precinct number will determine your polling location. For the latest information on polling locations, candidates, and upcoming elections (including special elections), check out the ACC Board of Elections

ACC Board of Commissioners
10 members plus the mayor
Enact and administer local ordinances
Approve budgets and oversee spending
Elected to a 4 year term
Elections held every two years

Clarke County School Board
9 members serve as the education watchdogs for the county
Make decisions about school programs
Ensure students get the best education for the tax dollars spent
Elected to a four year term
Elections held every two years

Georgia General Assembly
Consists of a State House of Representatives and a State Senate
180 seats in the State House and 56 seats in the State Senate
Both State Representatives and State Senators are elected to 2 year terms